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Join to Learn

Learning is an ever going process, As you are starting your journey as a physician, you have a lot to learn, to discover and to improve. Making right start is the right step towards success.

                         At KAUSH HEALTH you will work closely with our well experienced and seasoned doctors. Team work is culture in KAUSH HEALTH. We work as a team and face the challenges as a team. You will get a chance to work closely with a few of seasoned experts in our team. We have programs that last for 6 months and 1 year.

                        At the end of the term, If we happen to have a position vacant in our ever extending team, we prefer it to be filled in by one of our suitable and deserving interns. To secure a place as a learning physician you will need to face an interview with KAUSH HEALTH recruiters. Please follow the link to find existing vacancies with us.

Doctor Teaching on Seminar
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